Spring Activities for Seniors

Posted by Haley Kotwicki on May 2, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Spring has sprung! It’s time to shake off winter’s doldrums and get active. Whether you’re looking to invigorate the daily routine of yourself, your parent, your grandparent or all of the above, we have a list of ideas to ease into healthy movement.

Stroll Around – Taking a walk is a simple way to introduce fun and movement into your day. Looking for new places to explore? Spring activities for seniors blog.pngTry sauntering through public gardens, nurseries, beaches or nature trails. Bring a camera or smartphone and take photos of the wildlife or plants you see on your way. If you or your loved one uses a wheelchair or walker, you may need to stay on paved paths or walk indoors. Malls across the country are home to walking clubs, where you can meet new people and get fit together.

GardenAfter taking a stroll through public gardens, you may be inspired to make one of your own. Gardening, like other daily chores or hobbies, can count towards your daily exercise.  While you work out your body, stretch your creative muscle too! Decide where/how you want to contain the garden, what you want to plant and how you will organize it.

Babysit – Most schools will be letting out for spring break or Easter vacation, so why not offer to babysit or ask your older loved one to babysit your children? A study by the University of Melbourne discovered that grandmothers who babysat their grandchildren once a week had better executive functioning, which includes memory and problem-solving abilities

Lawn Games – Croquet, badminton and ladder golf are just some of the popular backyard sports available and would be fun activities to do while babysitting. Find a lawn game that is not only entertaining but can be easily adjusted to include everyone, regardless of abilities. For instance, ladder golf is an excellent choice if you or your older loved one cannot stand because one can toss the bolos from a seated position. If you’re feeling competitive or just want to help others spring into action, have a neighborhood or family tournament.

Lawn Bowling or BocceThese can be played in your yard at home like the above. However, there are social and recreational lawn bowl and bocce clubs you can join. These bowling-type sports are low-impact and not aerobic, but they do require flexibility and strength to reach and roll/throw the balls.

Golf – You or your older loved one don’t have to be professionals to enjoy golfing. Driving a golf cart, shopping in the pro shop and viewing the beautiful landscaping and nature are also a part of the golfing experience. If you don’t feel comfortable playing the course, many golf clubs have driving ranges and putting greens where you can practice hitting the ball. Unlike other sports, golf can be a leisurely game that doesn’t require much cardio effort. Just be sure to stretch before you tee off.

To avoid injury, speak with your doctor before starting any new fitness regimen or activity. Make sure you and your loved one wear sunscreen or protective clothing and drink plenty of water.

We can help your older loved one spring into action. ComForCare/At Your Side Home Care caregivers provide activities that are geared to what they like to do, such as accompany them on a stroll around the neighborhood, play lawn games with them or whatever activity brings joy and purpose to their day. To learn more about meaningful activities, download our printable guide, which can be personalized with your loved one’s favorite activities.



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