Brainteasers May Keep Seniors Sharp and Healthy

Posted by Haley Kotwicki on January 17, 2017 at 10:00 AM

As we age, our brains mature and change due to the greater number of connections between bran cells that exist due to our depth of life experience. As a result, certain cognitive abilities can slow down and make things like remembering a phone number or a news article you just read difficult. brainteasers.pngHowever, keeping your mind active could increase your reserves of brain cells and connections. High cognitive engagement may prevent or slow the advance of dementia.

Brain games are a simple way to stimulate your cognitive abilities. Here are some suggestions of popular brainteasers:

  1. Matching games test your working memory by challenging you to remember the placement of icons that you are matching.
  2. Riddles force you to think “outside of the box,” using information presented in the puzzle and from your memory to solve it.
  3. Sequencing games like “Uno” could help you gain focus and increase your attention span.
  4. Visual illusions and those that ask you to point out the differences between two photos could heighten your visual awareness and interpretation.
  5. Sudoku puzzles and other math brainteasers test your reasoning and use of mathematical operations.
  6. Crosswords and word jumbles are classic brainteasers that rely on your ability to translate symbols into letters and letters into words.

Many apps and websites offer brain training and cognitive stimulation, such as CogniFit and Dynamic Brain. You can also find brainteasers, games and puzzles in print publications.

We should note – some studies have shown brain games don’t work, have more of a placebo effect and physical exercise may be just as good if not better. While the effectiveness of cognitive workouts is up for debate, there is no question that they can be fun for you or your aging loved one.

At ComForCare/At Your Side Home Care, our caregivers provide engaging companionship by doing meaningful activities, such as playing cards or helping complete a jigsaw puzzle, as part of our personalized care services. By creating a socially and mentally enriching atmosphere, we help you live your best life possible.

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