The Benefits of Caregiving

Posted by ComForCare on August 17, 2012 at 10:00 AM

caregiver-educationWe all know the role of caregiver can be challenging. Not only is it exhausting physically, but it can be a very emotional time as well. Many people don’t realize exactly what goes into caregiving until they’re at the point in their lives where they’re taking care of an aging parent or family member. It’s not until then do they realize how draining the job can be. But, according to a recent blog post on the New York Times website, there are some benefits, too. And when times are getting tough and you’re at the end of your rope, it’s important to think about the benefits.

Caregiving has Health Benefits

According to a recent study by Dr. Lisa Fredman, a Boston University epidemiologist, although caregivers are indeed more stressed, they had lower mortality rates than non-caregivers. In another study, it was found that caregivers maintained stronger physical performance than non-caregivers. In yet another study looking at the cognitive functioning of caregivers, it was found that the group did significantly better on memory tests than non-caregivers.

Giving Back to Your Parents

Aside from the scientific and health benefits associated with caregiving, it’s also nice to know that you’re giving back to your parents in this way and that you are by their side in their final years. What other benefits are there to caregiving? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!

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