Making Every Day a Reset Monday

Posted by ComForCare on July 2, 2012 at 1:46 PM

resolutionsWe’re six months into—or six months from—our New Year resolutions. Do you still remember what they were? Are you planning your next resolutions already?

New Years is a wonderful time to take stock of your life, determine the things that need to go and the things you could use more of. As February and March roll around, most of us forget these wonderful plans and goals we had set for the year and go back to our old patterns of living. New Years is just one day in 365 that we get every year. Goals and plans frequently turn into “I’ll start saving for that trip next week,” or “Monday is a better day to start exercising.”

Year-Round Goal-Setting

Instead of letting plans get pushed back to next month, next week or next Monday, why not start right now? Follow these tips for sticking to plans, and make every day a reset Monday.

Create attainable, measurable goals. It’s tempting to set goals like “lose a lot of weight” or “be happier,” but these are tough to tell if they’ve been accomplished. Instead, set a goal like “lose 20 pounds by December 1,” or “read for 30 minutes every day.”

Set a goal for someone else. Whether you’ve been meaning to talk to your aging loved one about long-term care or just spending more time together, set a goal with a date and follow through.

Write it down and put it on display. Once you have determined your goals, write them down or print them out and display the goals somewhere you frequently look. Frame or embroider the most important ones as artwork that reminds you to reach your goals.

Start today, not tomorrow. If you plan to make important changes, why would you wait? The sooner you can eat healthier, the better you’ll feel. The sooner you can start applying for a post-retirement job, the faster you’ll get connected with a potential employer and new co-workers. The sooner you call your old friend, the happier you’ll be when you reconnect.

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