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Senior Day Trips in the Santa Cruz Area

Posted by Tony Walker on Feb 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Many seniors choose to live in the Santa Cruz area of California because the weather is mild all year, so the winter hassles that affect much of the country at this time of year are generally absent. The temperatures through the winter in Santa Cruz generally stay above fifty degrees, but rain and clouds are common, so seniors that are able should take advantage of the sunny and warm days to get out of the house. Taking day trips in the Santa Cruz area can be enjoyable and very beneficial for seniors. Caregivers or family members can assist with transportation and accompany seniors on day trips.


Outdoor Activities in the Area

Santa Cruz contains a plethora of activities that can be enjoyed by area residents. Since the town is situated on the coastline, taking a stroll along the beach is an activity that many enjoy. There are many different beaches to choose from, including the Natural Bridges State Beach, West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz Harbor Beach, and the Lighthouse Field State Beach. For seniors that want a little more excitement and socialization with their beach walk, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk offers all the fun of a midway along with weekend concerts, which can be enjoyed free of charge.

Photographs or Painting

Taking photographs or painting scenes can add depth to day trip outings and preserve the moment for seniors and their family members. Seniors may wish to travel to certain areas to obtain photographs of the beautiful natural surroundings. The Wilder Ranch State Park and the nearby Henry Cowell Redwood State Park offer unique natural scenery that seniors may become interested in snapping or painting. Even the downtown area offers a view of the “Town Clock” tower and stunning architecture that can make wonderful artistic subject matter.

Museums and Attractions

Seniors may also enjoy visiting area museums and attractions such as the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center, the Mystery Spot, the Museum of Art and History, the Santa Cruz Surfing museum, or the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. Santa Cruz has indoor activities to cater to many interests for those rainy winter days or for seniors that may have trouble getting around on more difficult terrain. There are also cultural events and historical landmarks that may offer a fun way to spend time outside of the home.

Benefits of Day Trips

Day trips can be a welcome change of pace for seniors that spend most days in the home, especially through the cooler, wetter days of winter. Day trips can be mentally stimulating and can help to renew interests, increase socialization, and create positive emotional experiences. Day trips may also help seniors to get some exercise while enjoying the fresh air and local scenery.

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