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    Why Is There a Brain Injury Awareness Month?

     The new Will Smith movie, Concussion, along with the NFL, has brought emphasis and focus on brain injuries, especially relating to sports and, of course, football. However, what is still often ignored is the millions of non-professional or non-athletes in general that live daily with the long lasting effects of brain injuries.

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    Using Technology to Expand Senior Horizons

    The wintertime in Minnetonka can be especially difficult for seniors that live alone. With weather conditions often making travel more difficult, many seniors begin to feel isolated, lonely, and bored. The decreased interaction and the inability to come and go at will can have a negative impact on seniors’ mental and emotional health. To help combat some of the isolating effects of winter and to help seniors expand their horizons, caregivers or family member can introduce elderly individuals to technology or help them to understand how to use some of the different websites and functions.

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    Helping Seniors Avoid Winter Slips and Falls

    Topics: Caregiving, Fall Prevention

    Isolation's Effect on Senior Health

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    In-Home Care Benefits for Arthritis

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