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Help Seniors Breathe a Little Easier with Indoor Gardens

Feb 24, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Taking care of indoor plants can help seniors to enjoy a little bit of nature while remaining comfortable in their homes. With planting season coming up soon in Fort Worth, seniors can select plants that can be transplanted to outdoor gardens or plants that can be entirely taken care of inside. Plants can help to filter the air and brighten up dreary winter days while providing seniors with a pleasant pastime.


What to Plant

What to plant depends on the abilities, preferences, and goals of the senior and caregivers. Cacti can be colorful and require very little maintenance. Bulbs such as tulips and daffodils flower quickly, so they may help to provide seniors with a sense of accomplishment and brighten up the home, which can be beneficial in combating depression and negative emotions. Herb gardens may be enjoyable for seniors that like to cook and eat, as they provide an inexpensive way to add fresh and varied flavors to meals. Vegetables and plants that thrive outdoors may be ideal for active seniors that will be able to keep up with a garden through the warmer months.

Planting and Dementia

Growing plants has shown to be beneficial for seniors that are beginning to show signs of dementia. Following the steps required to take care of plants and yield fruits, flowers, or vegetables can be therapeutic and can help seniors to exercise memory functions. The sense of purpose provided by providing daily care for a plant and watching the plant thrive can also promote positive experiences for seniors, which can help to increase the occurrence of “good days.”

Indoor Gardens as a Hobby

There are many options when beginning an indoor garden. Seniors may choose to explore different types of lighting, fertilizers, and hydroponic solutions. Seniors may also become interested in researching the best methods for growing and seeing how changing variables affects the plants or fruits. If seniors have limited mobility or other disabilities, it may be best to opt for simple growing processes and potting soil.

Progressive Gardens and Assistance

The beauty of growing plants as a hobby is that the gardens can be as big or small as seniors desire. Seniors can start off with one or two different types of plants and expand as confidence and comfort is gained. The hardest part of planting is usually getting started, so family members and caregivers can assist seniors with plant care during “bad days” or when seniors are not feeling up to the task.  

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